Hitch-Hikers Guide to Punkrock 



Here's my personal wantlist. I will pay top market prices for the following records:

ADVERTISING - Lipstick (French)
ANY TROUBLE - 2nd choice (French)
ANY TROUBLE - Australian (not Second choice), Canadian singles
BRUCE WOOLLEY - House of wax
DISTRACTIONS - It doesn't bother me (Italian)
DUGGIE CAMPBELL - Real nice girl
CROOKS - Modern boys (Spanish)
CROOKS - Just released LP (SWE foldout PS)
DONKEYS - Let's float (Australian)
DONKEYS - Don't go (Australian)

GRADUATE - Elvis should play ska (Australian)

LAMBRETTAS Poison ivy (Bolivian)

LONG TALL SHORTY - Unreleased album from 79 (Testpress only)
MERTON PARKAS - You need wheels (Dutch)
M.O.D. - M.O.D. (2-Tone label)
NEGATIVES - Scene of crime
PEASANTS - Here she comes EP
SECRET AFFAIR - Time for action (AUS, no PS)
SECRET AFFAIR - Time for action (France)

SECRET AFFAIR Let your heart dance (F promo no PS)

SIDES - I hate disco music (USA '79, no PS, insert)
SQUIRE - Girl on a train (yellow & red PS)

V.A. - Now in session LP (Protex, Moondogs etc.)
VAPORS - Turning Japanese (Canadi
an with PS)
VAPORS - Jimmie Jones/Spiders
(Ecuador, no PS)
VAPORS - Silver machines (Columbian 12")
WILD BOYS Last one of the boys


Take me I'm yours (UK promo)
Take me I'm yours (UK blue vinyl)
Take me I'm yours (US picture sleeve)
Cool for cats (UK red vinyl)
Cool for cats (playable postcard with pheasant picture
from Poland)
Up the junction (Dutch)
Another nail in my heart (brown vinyl)
When the hangover strikes (New Zealand)
Annie get your gun (New Zealand)
Any Irish singles (except Slap & tickle, Another nail in my heart,
Is that love, Labelled with love, Annie get your gun)
Any South African singles (except Take me I'm yours, Goodbye girl, Tempted, Messed around)