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Band Title (mp3 in red) Label Condition Year Country Comment Min. Bid in € Winning bid Scans
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ANOTHER PRETTY FACE Goodbye 1970's/Whatever happened to the West? New Pleasure ex/ex- 80 UK Great melody punky item 10 10  
ANY TROUBLE 2nd choice/Romance Stiff ex/ex 80 NL Rare Dutch edition with diff. B-Side 10 10  
ANY TROUBLE Same LP + poster EMI-America ex/ex 83 UK Third album, more poppy than the early records, still good, this copy comes with 23 orig. photos from the band members by London photograph Malcolm Crowthers, including is also a promo poster 15 20
ANY TROUBLE Trouble with love/She'll belong to me Stiff ex/ex 81 SP Spanish issue in unique PS, great powerpop 10 15  
ANY TROUBLE Wheels in motion LP + poster Stiff ex/ex 81 UK US promo version, diff. sleeve to UK, comes with orig. promo poster and gold stamp 15 20  

ANY TROUBLE Where're all the nice girls LP + poster Stiff ex/ex 80 UK Rare US pressing with diff. tracks, few woc on back, demo copy comes with orig. promo poster!!! 18 25  
ANY TROUBLE Yesterdays love/Nice girls Pennine ex/ex 79 UK This is the real deal, first pressing of UK powerpop killer, 250 copies came with PS but only a handful had both parts of PS sewn, this is one of those 100 or so copies!! 100 SOLD  
BAD RELIGION No control +7" LP Epitaph ex/ex 89 USA Comes with insert and sticker and bonus 7" 10 15  
BARRACUDAS I can't pretend/The K.G.B. Zonophone ex/ex 81 UK Awesome UK powerpop killer, comes with three newspaper clippings 15 SOLD  
BIG BLACK Headache EP 12" Blast First ex/ex 87 UK First edition with "Heartbeat" single 10 10  
BIG BLACK Racer-X EP 12" Homestead ex/ex 86 UK Rare UK issue, great hardcore with drum machine 12 12  
BLADES Those were the days/Stand by me now Reekus ex/ex 85 IRL Rare proper sleeve copy, not picdisc, brilliant mod pop 10 -
BLONDIE Denis/No imagination Chrysalis ex/ex 77 JAP Japanese in diff. PS, ultimate powerpop! 20 20  
BOYS Weekend/Cool Safari ex/ex 80 YUG Rare Yugoslavian pressing, "Weekend" is fantastic powerpop 15 15  
BRUCE WOOLLEY Blue Blue (Victoria)/1,000 M.P.H. CBS ex/ex 81 UK Great UK New Wave, both tracks are not on the album, promo copy 10 -  
CHORDS Set of 8 singles Polydor around ex 80 UK Maybe tomorrow, 2x Something's missing, 2x In my street, One more minute, 2x British way incl. two orig. big newspaper adverts 10 25  
CHRIS SIEVEY Big record +7" Cordelia ex/ex 86 UK Rare later release by Freshies Chris Sievey (RIP), comes with "Baiser" 7" 15 SOLD  
CHRIS SIEVEY Red indian music EP Razz/Pinnacle m/m 80 UK Rare Chris Sievey issue, dead mint condition, RAZZ 8 10 -  
CIRCLES Opening up/Billy Chrysalis ex/ex 80 UK Very rare Chrysalis version with white rim sleeve, Mod Revival classic 40 SOLD  
DAVID FENTON Fresh air/Buried in snow

Fresh air

Razor ex/ex 83 UK Rare single by Vapors lead singer, more wavy but still excellent 30 30  
DIRECT HITS Modesty blaise/Sunny honey girl Whaam ex/ex 82 UK Mod Revival legends, awesome first single, this copy is fully signed!! 50 SOLD  
DONKEYS No way/You Jane

No way

Back Door ex/ex 80 UK Awesome powerpop single by ingenius Donkeys 20 SOLD  
EATER Eater live EP 12" The Label ex/ex 78 UK UK '77 classic, white vinyl 10 10  
ELEKTRICNI ORGAZAM Konobar/I've got a feeling Jugoton ex/ex 81 YUG Rare first single, A-Side is really great hard wave/punk 25 30  
EXPLOSIVES Come clean  EP Black Hole m-/m- 79 USA Excellent US powerpop punk, first 7" more punky 20 22  
EXPLOSIVES Headhunter/A girl like you

A girl like you

Black Hole m-/m- 81 USA Excellent US powerpop punk 20 SOLD  
EXPLOSIVES Push the button EP Black Hole m-/m- 80 USA Excellent US powerpop punk 20 SOLD  
FALL This nation's saving grace LP Beggars Banquet m-/m- 85 UK Rare later recording, orig. UK pressing in gatefold sleeve 12 12  
FRESHIES I'm in love with the girl.../Singalong version Razz ex/ex 79 UK Original pressing with lyric booklet, comes also with a Razz discography 15 18  
FRESHIES In love with the Freshies LP Razz m-/m- 2 UK Lovely Freshies compilation from 2002, comes with loads of orig. Freshies inserts 25 SOLD  
GANG GREEN Sold out/Terrorize dub/Taang dub

Sold out

Taang ex/ex 84 USA Boston hardcore classic, #56/100 on clear vinyl, superrare! 300 315  
GANG GREEN Sold out/Terrorize dub/Taang dub Taang ex/ex 84 USA Black vinyl original pressing, 2000 made, Boston hardcore 50 SOLD  
GRADUATE Set of 8 records, 3 albums + 5 singles

Ever met a day

Precision around ex 80   3 diff. copies of the album (UK, Spain, 10") + 3x Elvis should play ska (UK, German promo, Spain)+ Ever met a day + Actin my age (Spain) 15 15  
ILL REPUTE Oxnard-Land of no toilets EP Mystic ex/ex 83 UK US hardcore, first 7" original pressing 20 SOLD  
JAGS Back of my hand EP 12"

What can I do

Island ex/ex 79 UK Rare 4-track 12", powerpop hits 15 SOLD  
JAGS No tie like a present LP Island ex/ex 81 UK UK powerpop classic, comes with promotion folder incl. band bio and photo 12 SOLD  
JAM Absolute beginners/Tales from the river bank RTV Ljubljana ex/ex 81 YUG Rare Yugoslavian pressing 8 8  
JILTED JOHN True love/I was a pre-pubescent EMI ex/ex 78 UK Great powerpop, on Powerpearls #8 10 SOLD  
JOLT Jolt LP Polydor ex/ex 78 UK UK mod punk classic 20 SOLD  
KEYS Just a camera/It ain't so

Just a camera

A & M ex/ex 80 UK This is so great! - First single by Keys, comes with orig. promo photo 80 SOLD  
LAMBRETTAS Daaance/Feel the beat Rocket ex/ex 80 UK Picture disc of UK mod classic, comes with paper sheet signed by Jez Bird 10 SOLD  
LAMBRETTAS Poison ivy/Runaround Rocket ex/ex 80 NL Brilliant dutch issue 12 -  
LAMBRETTAS Set of 2x 12" + 8 singles Rocket around ex 80 UK 2x Decent town 12" (UK, France),2x Daaance (UK, Ireland),3x Good times (2x UK, Netherlands), Anything you want,Somebody to love,Another day, +promo sheet for German "Daaaance" 15 15  
LETTERS Here comes that feeling again LP Detour m-/m- 2002 UK They recorded the holy grail of powerpop "Nobody loves me" in 1980, this is their 2000/01 recorded album, really excellent, 100 copies only made of blue vinyl 20 20  
LONG TALL SHORTY By your love/1970's boy Warner Brothers m-/m- 79 UK Legendary first single, mod revival anthem in great condition, very few made as it was withdrawn, perfect condition! 50 50  
LURKERS Just 13/Countdown

Just 13

Beggars Banquet ex/ex 78 UK Absolute brilliant UK punk powerpop 10 -  
MENACE G.L.C./I'm civilised Small Wonder ex/ex 78 UK Absolutely '77 punk classic 15 SOLD  
MERTON PARKAS Set of 5 singles

Put me in the picture

Beggars Banquet around ex 79 UK 2x You need wheels (UK + patch, German), Plastic smile UK, Give it to me now, Put me in the picture (one of the best Mod Revival songs ever!) 12 15  
MONKS Bad habits + 4 singles EMI around ex 79 UK Powerpop classics, comes with 4 singles: I ain't gettin' any, I can do anything you like, Nice legs, Love in stereo 12 12  
MOONDOGS That's what friends are for LP

Dream girl

Sire ex/ex 81 D German only release, wonderful Northern Ireland powerpop 50 70  
NEW HEARTS Just another teenage anthem/Blood on the CBS vg+/ex- 77 YUG Rare Yugoslavian press of Pre-Secret Affair powerpop 15 18  
ORBITS Make the rules/Phenomenal world

Make the rules

No. 1 ex/ex 80 USA Awesome US-Powerpop, Powerpearls #3 40 SOLD  
PEKINSKA PATKA Bila je tako lijepa/Buba - rumba

Bila je tako

Jugoton vg+/ex 80 YUG Ultimate punkrock from Ex-Yugoslavia, A-Side is mega killer 35 65  
PLEASERS 6 singles Arista around ex 77 UK 6 singles: 2x Lies (UK, Yugoslavia), Kids are alright (UK, France), You don't know (+poster), A girl I know 10 10  
PORK DUKES Making bacon/Tight pussy 12" 3 copies Wood ex/ex 77 UK 3 copies of 12" issue on yellow vinyl, incl.  one poster 10 55  


Jugoton ex/ex 78 YUG First and one of the rarest Yugoslavian punk single, Bloodstains across Yugoslavia 40 45  
PROTEX Don't ring me up  EP Rough Trade ex/ex 78 UK Fantastic Northern Ireland powerpop, 3rd issue on Rough Trade 30 SOLD  
PURPLE HEARTS Millions like us/Beat that Fiction ex/ex 79 UK Mod Revival anthem, great stomper 10 SOLD  
QUEERS Too dumb to quit! EP Selfless m-/m- 93 USA Later releases by US punkrock legends 10 SOLD  
REVILLOS Bitten by a love bug 12" + Midnight 12" EMI ex/ex 83 UK Rare UK 12" issues with diff. Versions 10 SOLD  
RICH KIDS Ghosts of princes in towers/Only arsenic

Ghosts of princes

EMI ex/ex 78 UK One of the best powerpop songs ever, Powerpearls #6, never in PS 10 -  
ROUSERS Rock 'n' Roll or run/Get out of my shoes

Rock 'n' Roll or run

Torso ex/ex 80 NL Wonderful Dutch powerpop, B-Side on this 7" only 30 SOLD  
SECRET AFFAIR 11 singles I-Spy around ex 80 UK 11 classic mod singles: 2xTime for action (black PS),3x My world (2x UK, Germany),2x Let your heart dance, 3x Sound of confusion (2x UK, Germany), Lost in the night 15 25  
SECRET AFFAIR Business as usual LP

Do you know

I-Spy ex/ex 82 UK Awesome final album, promo edition with loads of newspaper clippings 25 25  
SECRET AFFAIR Time for action/Soho strut I-Spy ex/ex 79 UK Legendary UK Mod Revival anthem in orig. brown bag and paper label, comes with orig. newspaper clippings 10 10  
SHOES Tomorrow night/Okay


Bomp/Quark ex/ex 78 USA The two best Shoes tracks on one single, great! 15 -  
SILVER CHALICE Wasted/Hot tears


Final Gear ex/ex 80 USA Bloodstains across California classic, extremely rare 200 225  
SMALL WORLD Love is dead/Liberty Whaam ex/ex 81 UK Hyperrare Mod Revival legend, this copy even comes with the orig. sticker on sleeve, Powerpearls #1, has some fanzine copies inside 150 200  
SMIRKS American patriots EP

Angry with myself

Smirksongs ex-/ex 79 UK Brilliant powerpop single 10 -  
SMIRKS To you/New music Virgin ex/ex 79 UK Very good punkpop 10 -  
SQUARES No fear/Nobody's fool

No fear

Airebeat ex/ex 78 UK Orig. in diff. PS, both sides are fantastic powerpop, comes with orig. newspaper clipping 35 60  
SQUEEZE 45's and under EP A & M ex/ex 81 UK Ultrarare 7" release, promo only 35 45  
SQUEEZE Goodbye girl/Saints alive A & M m-/m- 79 UK 3 D Sleeve, great pop record 10 -  
SQUEEZE Packet of three EP 2 x 7" Deptford F.C. ex/ex 77 UK Both sleeves in one set, first Squeeze single, prod. By John Cale 10 -  
SQUIRE Girl on a train/Every trick Hi-Lo ex/ex 82 UK Most wonderful Mod Revival, both tracks awesome 10 10  
SQUIRE Hits from 3000 years ago LP Hi-Lo ex-/ex 81 UK One of the greatest Mod Revival albums ever, orig. copy of first Squire, comes with promo sheet and a later produced photo + one large newspaper article 40 40  
SQUIRE September gurls LP

Tired of hiding

Hi-Lo ex/ex 84 UK Fantastic final 12" EP, five mod powerpop classics 20 SOLD  
SQUIRE The face of youth today/I know a girl I-Spy ex/ex 79 UK Mod Revival classic, orig. pressing with paper label + I-Spy sleeve, comes with newspaper clipping 10 -  
SQUIRE The place I used to live +2 Detour m/m 94 UK Superrare clear pinky edition, 100 copies only 10 10  
SQUIRE Walking down the King's Road/It's a mod I-Spy ex/ex 79 UK Legendary UK mod revival, the No.1 in my opinion, here's the second single, this is the edited DJ version, superrare!! 10 SOLD  
SQUIRE/BEAT DIRECTION Does Stephanie know/Ska-Au-Go-Go Hi-Lo -/ex 85 USA Very rare US only Squire flexi, red vinyl 10 -

Fade away

Chrysalis ex/ex 81 UK Brilliant punk powerpop borderliner 10 -  
STRANGEWAYS Show her you care/You're on your own

Show her you care

Real ex/ex 78 UK TOP 10 UK powerpop, released on Powerpearls #2 45 SOLD  
TERRY TONIK Just a little Mod/Smashed and blocked Posh ex/ex 80 UK One of the rarest Mod Revival singles, Terry was an orig. 60's mod 80 120  
THIS HAPPY BREED It's a black and white world LP Little Teddy m-/m 95 D German only release, Direct Hits style with Colin Swan 10 -  
TOURS Language school/Foreign girls

Language school

Tours ex/ex 79 UK Powerpearls #1, superrare proper paper PS, second edition has PVC sleeve 60 61  
TOYS Go to the police/Breakdown Red Bus -/ex 80 UK The UK issue, never in PS, Powerpearls #2 35 SOLD  
TRÖCKENER KECKS De Jacht LP Torso ex/ex 89 NL Dutch hardcore 12 -  
UXB Crazy today/Mister fix-it

Crazy today

Crazy Plane ex/ex 80 UK It won't get any better, fantastic punk/powerpop borderliner 80 80  
V.A. Bloodstains across Belgium Vol. 3 LP Atomium m-/m- 98 FIN Brassers, Cell 609, Hubble Bubble, Sexy Bollocks, Spermicide, Struggler etc. 20 -  
V.A. Bloodstains across Texas LP   m-/m- 92 USA Vomit Pigs, Skunks, Stains, Next, Bodysnatchers, Really Red, Ejectors etc. 20 SOLD  
V.A. Bored teenagers Vol.2 LP Bin Liner m-/m- 1 UK Disorder, Zips, Negatives, UXB, Knife Edge, Reporters, No Cover etc. 20 -  
V.A. British Underground Vol. 2 LP Chaos Wreckords m-/m- 98 UK Pop Rivets, Outsiders, Outcasts, Pseudo Existors, Llygod Fyrning etc. 20 20  
V.A. Cabaret futura LP Martyrwell ex/ex 81 UK New Wave compilation, has one exclusive tracks by UK powerpoppers Distractions 10 SOLD  
V.A. Earcom 3 2 x 7" Fast Product m-/m- 79 UK Noh Mercy, DAF,Middle Class, Stupid Babies 10 SOLD  
V.A. Killed by 7 inch #1#2#3#4 LP Redrum m-/m- 99 BEL Mass Media, Sods, Enemy, Essentials, Breakouts, Subverts etc. 20 -
V.A. Killed by Death #1234 LP Redrum m-/m- 99 BEL Low Numbers, Threat, Softies, Freshmen, London PX, Btcher etc. 20 -
V.A. Killed by death #16 LP Redrum m-/m- 96 USA Two bands only: Blanks, Junior & the Executives 20 -  
V.A. Killed by Death #2 LP Redrum m-/m-   USA 2nd issue, red vinyl: Freestone, Freeze, Machines, Vains, Eat, Machines, Really Red, Psycho Surgeons, Detention etc. 20 SOLD  
V.A. Killed by Death #4 LP Redrum m-/m-   USA 2nd issue, green vinyl: Zero Boys, Rotters, Filth, Really Red, Brülbajz, Heart Attack, Huns etc. 20 -  
V.A. Powerpoppers Vol.1 LP On the Run m-/m- 1 BEL Donkeys, Strangeways, Teenage Filmstars, VIP's, Clerks, Questions etc. 20 -  
V.A. Process of elimination EP Touch & Go m-/m- 79 UK First pressing with silver & red label, 500 pressed,Necros, Meatmen, Negative Approach, Fix and Toxic Reasons 40 55  
V.A. Pure British pop for raw people Vol. 2 LP   m-/m- 99 UK Letters, Lookalikes, Protex, Donkees, Freshies, Dazzlers, Neon Hearts etc. 20 -  
V.A. Raw and rare British punk #3 LP   m-/m- 97 UK Amber Squad, Clues, Stowaways, Dregs, Vice Creems, Noizboys, Stowaways,Schoolgirl Bitch 20 SOLD  
V.A. Screaming fist LP   m-/m- 95 F Nosebleeds, Lewd, Unnatural Axe, Lowlife, Reruns, Skinnies, Victims etc. 20 -  
V.A. The beat generation and the angry young men LP Well Suspect ex/ex 83 UK The original pressing of Mod Revival classic comp., all unreleased songs: Directions, Long Tall Shorty,Les Elite, Merton Parkas, Purple Hearts 30 -  
V.A. The great british beat EP Vol. 1 + 2

Direct Hits - Rather stay

Direct m/m 93 D German only issues, all tracks only available on these 7"s: Vol. 1 incl. Colin Swan, Norbury Woods; Vol. 2: Direct Hits unreleased song + more 8 -  
V.A. The Sire machine tunrs you up LP Sire ex/ex 78 UK Brilliant compilation, unreleased track by Squares + Ramones, Richard Hell, Dead Boys, Radio Birdman + more 20 SOLD  
V.A. Uppers on the south downs LP Safari ex/ex 80 UK Second issue in diff. PS, incl. The Purple Hearts 12 SOLD  
VAPORS Jimmie Jones/Daylight titans Liberty ex/ex 81 SP Spanish issue in diff. coloured sleeve 15 SOLD  
VAPORS Jimmie Jones/Silver machines Liberty -/ex 81 CAN Very rare Canada issue with diff. B-Side, never in PS 18 25  
VAPORS Magnets LP Liberty ex/ex 81 UK Awesome second album, comes with orig. promo poster and newspaper adverts 15 -
VAPORS Prisoners/Sunstroke United Artists ex/ex 79 UK Superrare demo copy of first Vapors single, killer powerpop/mod 20 -  
VAPORS Turning japanese/Here come the judge UA -/ex 80 NZL Rare New Zealand pressing in orig. company sleeve 12 -  
VAPORS Turning japanese/Here come the judge United Artists m-/m- 80 JAP One of the rarest Vapors items, this is the japanese promo edition with special label 50 -  
VAPORS Turning japanese/Talk Talk United Artists vg/ex 80 CAN This is the rarest Vapors 45. First copy I've ever seen of Canadian pressing in picture sleeve 50 SOLD
VAPORS Turning japanese/same United Artists -/ex 80 USA Obscure US promo on yellow label 10 -  
VAPORS Turning japanese/Waiting for the weekend 12" UA -/ex 80 COL Columbia issue on green vinyl,comes in orig. "disco single" sleeve 25 SOLD  
VARIOUS ARTISTS The original mixed-up kid/Unofficial secrets

Original mixed up kid

Fried Egg ex/ex 80 UK One of the most wonderful powerpop singles ever, on Powerpearls #2 120 SOLD  
VIP'S Things aren't what they used to be/I tho GEM ex/ex 81 POR Brilliant diff. PS of UK mod revivalists 20 20  
WINDBREAKERS Any monkey with a typewriter 12" EP Big Monkey ex-/ex 83 USA Very rare second release by US powerpoppers 25 -  
WINDBREAKERS Meet the Windbreakers ...EP

Black & White

Big Monkey ex/ex 82 USA US powerpop with the ingenius Bobby Sutliff, comes with orig. letter from Tim Lee to Greg from Bomp Records! 60 62  
YACHTS Without radar + 13 x 45's

Hypnotising lies

Radar around ex 80 D Second album includes 13 singles

(Scans of all 7"s available)

25 25