Hitch-Hikers Guide to Punkrock 
Complete STOCK


Band Title Label Condition Year Country Comment Price
A BEATBOY The honeydripper/Please please Waterloo Sunset ex/ex 82 UK Actually 86 but early recordings, mod pop 4,00
ACT Too late at 20 Hannibal ex/ex 81 UK Very good mod pop, incl. "Too late at 20" 8,00
ACT Who let the flowers fall?/Dance to despair
ex-/ex 81 UK Excellent Mod pop 12,00
ADA WILSON In the quiet of my room (new version)/In the quiet of my room Thin Sliced ex/ex 84 UK Rare reissue in different recording, good modpop 10,00
ADAM & THE ANTS Antmusic/Don't be square 12" Epic -/ex 80 USA 12" 4,00
ADAM & THE ANTS Deutscher girls/Plastic surgery Polydor ex/ex 78 D Very rare German, from soundtrack 10,00
ADOLESCENTS Welcome to reality/Losing battle/Things start moving Frontier/Overground m-/m- 80 UK This is the reissue on purple vinyl, 2000 made 10,00
ADVERTISING Lipstick/Lonely guys Crystal ex/ex 77 D Rare German pressing with diff. back PS, classic UK powerpop 10,00
ALTER BOYS Soul desire Big Time ex/ex 87 USA Sweet blossom is a powerful guitarriff track 4,00
ANY TROUBLE 2nd choice/The name of the game Stiff m-/m- 80 D Rare German pressing, one B-Side 6,00
ANY TROUBLE 2nd choice/The name of the game/Bible belt Stiff vg+/ex- 80 POR Rare portuguese pressing, UK powerpop classic 10,00
ANY TROUBLE Any Trouble EMI America ex/ex 83 CAN Canadian press, co, lovely pop album 3,00
ANY TROUBLE Foundations (long version)/You'd better go home EMI America ex-/ex 83 D German only 12" 8,00
ANY TROUBLE Girls are always right/No idea Stiff ex/ex 80 UK Awesome powerpop single, promo edition 10,00
ANY TROUBLE Girls are always right/No idea Stiff ex/ex 80 POR Very rare Portuguese promotion copy...and of course it's a great melody powerpop record 15,00
ANY TROUBLE Second choice (stereo)/Second choice (mono) Stiff ex/ex 80 USA Orig. US promo copy in company sleeve 10,00
ANY TROUBLE Second choice/The name of the game Stiff ex/ex 80 D German promo copy with exclusive promo back 10,00
ANY TROUBLE Second choice/The name of the game/Bible belt Stiff ex/ex 80 SP Spanish promo copy with special label and back side with band story 15,00
ANY TROUBLE Second choice/The name of the game/Bible belt Stiff ex/ex 80 UK Powerpop classic, comes with promo insert 15,00
ANY TROUBLE Trouble with love/She'll belong to me Stiff -/ex 81 AUS Australian issue in company PS 10,00
ANY TROUBLE Wheels in motion Stiff vg/ex- 81 SP Rare Spanish issue in unique sleeve, great powerpop 12,00
ANY TROUBLE Wheels in motion Stiff ex/ex 81 D Lovely second album, sticker on sleeve 9,00
ANY TROUBLE Wheels in motion Stiff ex/ex 81 CAN Rare Canadian issue in unique green PS, full of great powerpop hits, little co 15,00
ANY TROUBLE Where are all the nice girls Stiff ex/ex 80 AUS Rare Australian pressing, one of the best melody powerpop albums ever 15,00
ANY TROUBLE Yesterday's love/Nice girls Stiff ex/ex 80 UK Mega powerpop classic, comes with orig. promo sheet, badge, newspaper clipping 25,00
B-52'S Whammy! Island ex/ex 83 UK
BACK TO ZERO Your side of heaven/Back to back Fiction ex/ex 79 UK Mod Revival legends, this copy comes with an original newspaper clipping 10,00
BAND OF SUSANS Mood swing EP Sing Fat m/m 93 USA Tot Rocket & the Twins members 0,00
BLACK NIVEA Miserable ! Zounds m/m 96 D Great energetic punk with screaming vocals 2,00
BLADES Ghost of a chance/Real emotion Energy g/g 81 UK Just for collectors, this is the paper label version, record has a split 5,00
BLADES Those were the days/Stand by me now Reekus -/ex 85 IRL Very rare picture disc 12,00
BLOCKED Plastic punks/Readers wives Detour m/m 96 UK Excellent mod/powerpop on Detour, white vinyl, 100 copies made!! 10,00
BLOCKED The prisoner in me/Anger from Ulster Blocked m-/m- 94 UK Both sides are the best Mod Revival tracks from the 90's, very rare! 15,00
BORN BC Dear Jesus EP Xentric Noise ex-/ex 82 UK Hard punk/hardcore 10,00
BRAM TCHAIKOVSKY Girl of my dreams 2 x 7" Radar ex/ex 79 UK Awesome powerpop, on Powerpearls #9 6,00
BRUCE WOOLLEY Trouble is.../Get away William CBS ex/ex 80 UK This is great UK wave pop, Promo edition 8,00
BRYGADA KRYZYS Centrala/The real one Tonpress ex/ex 81 POL Brilliant first Polish punk record, company sleeve 10,00
BUY OFF THE BAR/GOLDEN STRINGS February 6th EP Deng Deng Deng ex/ex 86 NL Very rare split EP, "Buy off the bars" is melody powerpop 15,00
BUZZARDS We make noise/Disco Romeo Chrysalis ex-/ex 79 UK Aka "Leyton Buzzards", great melody/powerpop 10,00
BUZZCOCKS Singles going steady UA/Jugoton vg/ex- 79 YUG Extremely rare Yugoslavian pressing 10,00
BUZZCOCKS Spiral Scratch EP New Hormones ex/ex 76 UK Second press with Howard Devoto listed 15,00
CHERRY VANILLA The punk/Foxy lady RCA ex-/ex 77 UK Italian pop on the punk wave 8,00
CHRIS SIEVEY AND THE FRESHIES If you really love me/I am the walrus CV ex/ex 82 UK Freshies classic on own label 10,00
CLASH Combat rock Suzy ex-/ex 82 YUG Very rare Yugoslavian pressing 15,00
CLASH Complete control/The city of the dead CBS vg/vg+ 77 YUG Rare Yugoslavian pressing 10,00
CLASH The call-up/Stop the world CBS ex/ex 80 NL Rare Dutch issue 8,00
CLASH/BAD II Should I stay or should I go/Rush Columbia ex/ex 91 NL Dutch issue, small toc 4,00
CORTINAS Defiant pose/Independence Step Forward vg+/vg+ 77 UK Excellent second single, pure punk 10,00
CRAZYHEAD Baby turpentine EP 12" Food ex/m- 87 UK Title track is a great melody song 4,00
CROOKS Just released Blueprint ex/ex 80 D Rare German pressing, incl. "Modern boys", has four diff. Newspaper clippings included 25,00
DAMNED I just can't be happy today/Ballroom blitz Chiswick ex/ex 79 UK Punk calssic, Sweet cover on B-Side 8,00
DAMNED Love song EP Chiswick vg/ex 79 UK Captain Sensible on PS 12,00
DAMNED Smash it up/Burglar Chiswick ex/ex 79 UK UK punk classic 6,00
DAS DAMEN Marshmellow conspiracy EP 12" SST m/m 88 USA Unplayed sealed copy on black vinyl not pink, one great Beatles cover 12,00
DAVE GOODMAN & FRIENDS Justifiable homicide/Take down your fences The Label ex-/ex 78 UK UK punk, general sleeve not the rare one, red vinyl 8,00
DEAD BOYS Night of the living Dead Boys Lolita ex/ex 81 F Collector item,pure US-punk,live in top sound quality 20,00
DEXY'S MIDNIGHT RUNNERS Come on Eileen/Dubious Mercury ex/ex 82 D "Hit come back" series 2,00
DICKIES Great dictations A & M ex/ex 89 UK Most of their best tracks on one album 15,00
DICKIES Silent night/Sounds of silence A&M ex/ex 78 UK Just fantastic melody punk 10,00
DIRECT HITS Snakes & Ladders EP 12" Forbidden ex/ex 86 UK Wonderful UK Mod Revival 60's powerpop 15,00
DIRTY LOOKS Tailin' you/Automatic pilot Stiff ex/ex 80 UK US powerpoppers, this is a DJ promo copy 10,00
DISTRACTIONS Boyscry/Paracetomal paralysis Island ex/ex 80 UK Brilliant powerpop 12,00
DONKEES Shipwreck/Listen to your radio (long version) 1977 m/m
JAP A-Side is previously unreleased, one of the best UK powerpop band, released 2000 in Japan only 15,00
DONKEYS Don't go/Living legends Rhesus ex/ex 80 UK Original pressing on "Rhesus", powerpop classic 25,00
EARLE MANKEY Mau Mau/Crazy! Bomp! ex/ex 78 USA US wave pop, bit experimental 6,00
EIGHTH ROUTE ARMY Nihilist olympics 1 Dimensional ex-/ex- 85 USA Hollywood, Vice Presidente are great poppunk 9,00
ELVIS COSTELLO Armed forces +7" Radar ex/ex 79 D German issue of Costello classic incl. limited EP 12,00
EUROPEANS Europeans/Voices Heartbeat ex/ex 78 UK Rare powerpop 15,00
EUROPEANS Europeans/Voices Heartbeat ex-/ex- 78 UK Good powerpop on "Letters" label 10,00
FINGERPRINTZ Bohemian dance/Coffee & screams Virgin ex/ex 81 AUS A-Side is awesome powerpop dancer, Australian press in company sleeve 10,00
FINGERPRINTZ The beat escape/Catwalk 12" Virgin ex/ex 81 UK Very rare 12" version of UK powerpop/dance band 10,00
FINGERPRINTZ Tough luck/Detonator Virgin vg+/vg+ 79 UK Incredible powerpop, now on Powerpearls #8 12,00
FINGERPRINTZ Who's your friend EP Virgin ex/ex 79 UK "Secret" is great powerpop, blue vinyl 8,00
FLAMIN' GROOVIES Feel a whole lot better 12" EP Sire ex/ex 78 UK The godfathers of powerpop, brilliant 60's mod pop 15,00
FLYS Four from the square EP Parlophone ex-/ex 82 UK Excellent final powerpop single, sticker on PS 8,00
FORBIDDEN BEAT Driving you insane EP Undergrowth ex/ex- 86 CAN Mid-tempo Canadian-punk/core 5,00
FORGOTTEN REBELS In love with the system A Star ex/ex 81 CAN Canadian punk rock killer, this is the 1986 repress 15,00
FRESHIES I can't get "Bouncing babies"/Tell her I MCA ex-/ex 81 UK Brilliant powerpop 12,00
FRESHIES If you really love me/I am the walrus Northern Songs ex/ex 82 UK Lovely UK powerpop 10,00
FRESHIES/CHRIS SIEVEY Baiser/Last Rabid m/m 82 UK
FRONT System/Queen's mafia The Label ex/ex 77 UK UK punk classic 15,00
FURYS Say goodbye/Suburbia suburbia Double R ex/ex 78 USA A-Side is good US powerpop 12,00
GARBO'S CELLULOID HEROES Only death is fatal EP Big Bear vg/vg+ 78 UK Weird punk 12,00
GRADUATE Ambition/Bad dreams Precision ex-/ex 80 UK Rarest Graduate item, excellent mod pop 10,00
GRADUATE Elvis should play ska/Sick and tired Zafiro ex/ex 80 SP Very rare spanish issue in diff. PS and diff. B-Side, Pre-Tears For Fears with melodic powerpop 10,00
GRADUATE Shut up/Ever met a day Precision -/ex 80 UK This is the very rare release as "Shut up" as A-Side PAR 117, never in PS 10,00
GREENHOUSE EFFECT Squirt EP Modern m/ex 88 AUS Trad. Aussie guitar-riffpunk, very rare b&w issue 5,00
HEADBOYS Headboys +7" RSO ex/ex 79 UK UK powerpoppers, comes with "Stepping stones" 7" 10,00
HEADBOYS Same RSO ex/ex 79 UK Excellent mod pop, two hits "Stepping stone" and "Shape of things to come", insert 10,00
HEADBOYS The shape of things to come/The mood I'm RSO ex-/ex 79 D Rare German pressing in diff. "band photo" PS 8,00
HEARTBREAKERS Chinese rocks/Born to lose 12" Track m-/m- 77 UK Punkrock gem on both sides, rare 12" issue 18,00
IDOLS You/Girl that I love Ork ex/ex 79 UK With Killer Kane & Jerry Nolan from "New York Dolls", ringwear, UK pressing 15,00
INNER STRENGTH Time for reality EP Victory m-/m- 89 USA Straight Edge Hardcore 12,00
INTERVIEW To the people/Hart crane in Mexico Virgin ex/ex 79 UK This is wonderful very melodic pop/powerpop 10,00
INVADERS Girls in action/No secrets Polydor ex/ex 79 UK Both sides are excellent UK powerpop 10,00
IVOR BIGGUN & RED NOSE B. The winker's song/Readers wives Beggars Banquet ex/ex 78 UK This is pure "punk", worth to have but don't expect hard guitars 10,00
JAGS Back of my hand/Double vision Island -/ex 79 AUS Powerpop classic, Australian pressing never in PS 10,00
JAGS Back of my hand/same Island ex/ex 79 USA Rare US promo version in company sleeve 10,00
JAGS Back of my hand/Single vision Island ex/ex 79 NL Dutch in great diff PS and diff. B-Side, both sides are awesome powerpop 10,00
JAGS I never was a beachboy/Tune into heaven Island ex/ex 80 AUS Australian issue in company sleeve, great UK powerpop 10,00
JAGS No tie like a present Island ex/ex 81 D Excellent second album 15,00
JAGS No tie like a present Island ex/ex 81 USA Brilliant UK powerpop, promo copy with golden stamp 15,00
JAM 4 Side Affects 12" Polydor m-/m- 80 AUS Rare Australian 12" EP 8,00
JAM A town called Malice/Precious Metronome ex/ex 82 D German press 5,00
JAM Dig the new breed Polydor ex/ex 82 UK Original hole-PS 12,00
JAM Going underground 2 x 7" Polydor ex/ex 80 UK Rare double pack 12,00
JAM In the city Polydor ex/ex 77 UK UK pressing with paper "logo" label, newspaper clippings glued on the inner sleeve 12,00
JAM Just who is the 5o'clock hero 12" Polydor ex/ex 82 NL Rare dutch 12" 6,00
JAM Retrospective BOOK
UK A visual history...7"/12", rare album releases 10,00
JAM The gift Polygram ex-/ex- 82 USA Promo copy with sticker, seam splits 10,00
JAM The gift Polydor ex/ex 82 UK Original pressing 10,00
JAM The modern world EP Polydor ex-/ex- 77 UK
JAM Town Called Malice 12" Polydor ex/ex 82 UK Mini wol 6,00
JAM Town called Malice/Precious 12" Polydor -/ex 82 CAN Rare Canadian press, few wol 6,00
JEFFREY DAHL Rock & Roll critic EP Doodley Squat ex/ex 77 USA Jeff Dahls 1st 7" punkrock, pre-Angry Samoans 18,00
JERKS Get your woofing dog of me EP Last Years Youth m/m 1 D Fantastic new release with unreleased bonus tracks, 500 copies only 8,00
JET BRONX & THE FORBIDDEN Ain't doin' nothin'/I can't stand it Lightning ex/ex 77 UK Rockpunk on classic label, red vinyl 8,00
JILTED JOHN Jilted John/Going steady EMI ex/ex 78 UK UK powerpop, first single 10,00
JOHNNY THUNDERS I cold blood/In cold blood (live) New Rose ex/ex 83 F
JOY DIVISION Dal cuore della città/From the centre of the city
m-/m- 90 IT Italian book with band story, discography + more, comes with 3" CD including the Warsaw demos from 1977 20,00
JUNCO PARTNERS Tall windows/Noizez in my head Energy m-/m- 81 D Extremely rare german pressing of souly mod revival single, nice melodies 15,00
KEITH'S DAD Nobody wants to shag EP 12" Beer ex-/m- 90 UK Two songs sounds a little bid like Buzzcocks 9,00
KEYS Runaway/It ain't love A & M ex/ex 82 UK Fantastic final single, this promo copy comes with an original A & M promo sheet 35,00
KILLSLUG Answer the call Taang! ex-/m- 86 USA Demon blue is good US-punk 4,00
LAMBRETTAS Go steady EP Rocket ex-/ex 79 UK Classic first single by mod legends 15,00
LAMBRETTAS Go steady EP Rocket vg+/vg+ 79 UK Classic first single 7,00
LEDERNACKEN Amok EP 12" Strike Back ex/ex 83 D Rare early 12", German industrial 20,00
LEDERNACKEN Do the boogaloo/Agent of love EFA -/ex 87 D German industrial, testpressing!! 15,00
LEDERNACKEN Double album Strike Back ex/ex 85 D German industrial, lim. #42 of 3000? 25,00
LURKERS I don't need to tell her/Ain't got a clue Beggars Banquet -/ex 78 UK
LURKERS New guitar in town/Little ole wine drink Beggars Banquet ex/ex 79 D Rare German pressing 10,00
M.O.D. M.O.D./M.O.D. (2) Vertigo m-/m- 79 UK Quadrophenia PS, classic Mod Revival 45 12,00
MADNESS Absolutely Virgin ex/ex 80 D
MADNESS Cardiac arrest/In the city Stiff ex/ex 82 UK DJ Promo 2,00
MARK BEER Pretty/Per(version) Rough Trade ex/ex 81 UK Nice UK melody pop 12,00
MARSHALL CRENSHAW Something's gonna happen/She can't dance 12" Shake ex/ex 81 USA Wonderful powerpop, this is a classic 15,00
MARSHALL CRENSHAW Something's gonna happen/She can't dance 12" Albion m-/m- 81 UK Wonderful US powerpop, orig. UK 12" issue in diff. PS to US copy 12,00
MEMBERS The sound of the suburbs/Handling the big jets Virgin m-/m- 79 UK Classic, clear wax issue in fully colored TV-sleeve 15,00
MEMBERS The sound of the suburbs/Handling the big jets Virgin ex/ex 79 UK Clear vinyl copy of powerpop/punk classic 15,00
MOLOTOV COCKTAIL Jerks in progress EP Alternative Ten. ex/ex 96 USA Aliens is excellent new US-punk/core 2,00
MONKS I ain't gettin' any/Inner-city Kitty EMI ex/ex 79 UK Monks are great powerpop, this is a demo copy 10,00
MONKS I can do anything you like/Plastic Max CBS ex/ex 81 NL Dutch only issue from their second album, good powerpop 10,00
MONKS Love in stereo/Drugs in my pocket Capitol -/ex 79 CAN Rare Canadian only issue, never in PS, great powerpop 12,00
NEON Bottles EP Sensible ex/ex 78 UK Great UK punk, on "England Belongs To Me Vol. 2" 20,00
NEON HEARTS Venus eccentric EP Last Years Youth m/m 1 D Fantastic new release with unreleased bonus tracks, 500 copies only 8,00
NEW CHRISTS Born out of time/No next time Sonics ex/ex 84 F French press, Trad. Aussie-Radio Birdmen-riffpunk on both sides 10,00
NEW HEARTS Peel session '77 EP
UK Wonderful session with three previously unreleased tracks 9,00
NEW MUSIK Straight lines/On islands GTO ex-/ex- 79 IT UK synthie pop, brilliant melodies, Italian pressing 10,00
NICK LOWE Bowi EP Stiff ex/ex 77 UK UK powerpop classic 15,00
NITS Tutti ragazzi/Harrow accident CBS ex/ex 79 NL Lovely Dutch synthie pop with perfect melodies 15,00
NOTSENSIBLES I am a bishop/The telephone rings again Snotty Snail ex/ex 81 UK Fantastic powerpop from Back to Front band, the telephone rings and rings, has a little price tag tear 25,00
NOW Development corporation EP Last Years Youth m/m 2 D Fantastic new release with unreleased bonus track, 500 copies only 8,00
ODDS Saturday night/Not another love song Red Rhino ex/ex 79 UK Mod Revival classic, great stomping sing-along powerpop punk borderliner, thier best single out of four 15,00
ORIGINAL MIRRORS Same Mercury ex-/ex 80 MEX Excellent UK powerpop wave, Mexican in diff. PS 10,00
OUT Who's innocent/Linda's just a statu Virgin ex/ex 79 UK Second issue 6,00
PART TIME CHRISTIANS Rock and roll is disco Alternative Tentacles ex/ex 84 USA Fast and noisy hardcore, insert 12,00
PATTI SMITH GROUP Wave Arista ex/ex 79 D
PETE BRAND'S METHOD What you are/positive thinking Fried Egg ex/ex 80 UK Experimental wave 6,00
PORCELAIN FOREHEAD Frog boy lives No Exit ex/m- 93 CAN Incl. some punk songs, w/insert 2,00
PRESS I'm gonna shoot the Dee-jay/Meet the pre Papagayo m-/m- 80 D Rare Dutch ska, inc. promo insert! 12,00
PURPLE HEARTS Frustration/Extraordinary sensations Metronome vg+/ex- 79 D Rare German pressing 10,00
PURPLE HEARTS Head on collision time Razor m/m 93 UK Classic live album on CD 9,00
PURPLE HEARTS Popish frenzy Razor m/m 93 UK Final album on CD 9,00
R.E.M. S. Central rain/King of the road I.R.S. ex/ex 84 USA Indie pop classic 25,00
RADIATORS FROM SPACE Television screen/Love detective Chiswick vg+/vg+ 77 D Rare German iss. in slightly diff. PS, back sleeve has small toc and ring wear 10,00
RAVERS It's gonna be a punkrock christmas EP 12" Rhino ex/ex 78 USA Glam-punky stuff in good PS, from Los Angeles 10,00
RECORDS Hearts in her eyes/So sorry Virgin ex/ex 80 D German pressing, sparkling melody powerpop 12,00
RECORDS Paying for the summer of love Skyclad m-/m- 90 USA Orig. demo recordings by US/UK powerpop legends 15,00
RECORDS Rock and roll love letter/Wives and mothers of tomorrow Virgin ex/ex 79 D UK/US powerpoppers, rare german issue in great band photo sleeve 10,00
RECORDS Same +7" Virgin ex/ex 79 USA Very rare US version in diff. PS and extra 7" EP, this is a promotion copy with golden stamp and two sticker 12,00
REGENTS 7 teen/Hole in the heart Rialto ex/ex 79 F One of the best pop records ever ! - Unique French PS 8,00
REGENTS Just a little/Dance Don Arista ex/ex 80 UK My personal No. 1 pop record !, This is not powerpop 18,00
REGENTS See you later/Oh Terry Arista vg+/ex 79 SP Rare spanish issue, A-Side is great powerpop 10,00
REGENTS See you later/Oh Terry Arista ex/ex 80 F Very rare French issue in great diff. PS, Powerpop classic 15,00
REVILLOS Hungry for love/Voodoo 2 Snatzo m-/m- 80 UK Ex-Rezillos, more powerpoppish 10,00
REVILLOS Motor bike beat/No such luck Dindisc ex/ex 80 UK Great punk pop by Ex-Rezillos 10,00
REVILLOS Where's the boy for me/The fiend Snatzo ex/ex 79 UK Brilliant powerpop wavers 9,00
REZILLOS I can't stand my baby/I wanna be your ma Sensible ex-/ex 77 UK Classic first single, green PS 15,00
RHYTHM COLLISION A look away/I should've known Dr. Strange m-/ex 90 USA Like Stiff Little Fingers in 1978/79, dbl A-side, w/ins. 3,00
RICH KIDS Marching men/Here come the nice EMI vg+/ex- 78 UK Excellent second single 8,00
RICH KIDS Marching men/Here come the nice EMI ex/ex 78 UK Great punk/powerpop with the Ex-Pistol 12,00
RIGOLETTO Schweinelied/Schwarz und weiß
ex/- 81 D Vinyl is warped, but has both sleeves 3,00
RIPPERS Wild life/Fireball Mysterian m/m 96 SP Cool melody punk, Thanks to the "Teichenné" gang 2,00
RONNIE URINI In Bats Coma ex-/ex 87 A Austrian poppunk wave 10,00
RUDI 14 steps to death EP Last Years Youth m/m 1 D 4 unreleased tracks from 1981, lim. To 500 copies 8,00
RUDI The band that time forgot Last Years Youth m/m 1 D Fantastic release of old classics, incl. Insert 12,00
RUDI The pressure's on/Who ? You? Last Years Youth m/m 1 D 2 unreleased tracks from 1979, lim. To 500 copies 8,00
RUDI Yummy yummy yummy EP Last Years Youth m/m 2 D 4 unreleased tracks from 1980, lim. To 500 copies 8,00
SAINTS Always/In the mirror New Rose ex/ex 80 F
SAINTS Just like fire would/Storm Mushroom ex-/ex 86 AUS Great harmony guitar sound, orig. Aussie issue 2,00
SANOV 1 Konec Sveta Vydal Globus vg+/ex 90 CZ good Czech punk, one of the first Czech bands on vinyl 15,00
SATELLITES Urban gorilla/High rise hillbillys Rewind ex/ex 81 UK Kind of punkrock, prod. by Rat Scabies 10,00
SCENE Something that you said/Stop - Go Diamond ex-/ex 84 UK Good second single 6,00
SHARING PATROL Back to you again EP 12" SAM ex/ex 87 DK Danish beat mod powerpop, small cut in back PS 8,00
SHOES 4 different albums
UK 4 albums by legendary US powerpoppers:Black vinyl shoes US, Present tense US co,Tongue twister US co,Silhouette D 15,00
SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES Cities in dust/An execution Polydor -/vg 85 PHI Phillipinian pressing, never in PS, label has tears 15,00
SKULL BOYS Slave EP Sota Terra m/m 95 SP Excellent Spanish punk 3,00
SLAUERHOFF La Luna Torso ex/ex 88 NL Dutch wave on great label, comes with promo sticker and promo insert 12,00
SMITHS Louder than the bombs Rough Trade m-/m- 87 CAN Great Smiths compilation, double LP 20,00
SORROWS Christabelle/Street punk blues Carrere m-/m- 81 F A-Side is wonderful powerpop, don't miss this! 20,00
SPECIALS/SELECTER Gangsters/Selecter Chrysalis ex/ex 79 NL Dutch issue in great diff. PS 6,00
SQUEEZE Another nail in my heart/Pretty one A & M ex/ex 80 CAN Canadian pressing in company sleeve 10,00
SQUEEZE Another nail in my heart/Pretty thing A & M vg+/vg+ 80 SP Spanish issue in unique PS 10,00
SQUEEZE Another nail in my heart/Pretty thing A & M m-/m- 80 JAP Very rare japanese pressing in totally diff. And unique sleeve 15,00
SQUEEZE Cool for cats Tonpress ex/ex 79 POL Totally rare Polish square flexi-disc with sleeve 30,00
SQUEEZE Cool for cats/Model A&M -/ex 79 AUS Rare Australian press in company sleeve 3,00
SQUEEZE Goodbye girl/Slightly drunk A & M ex/ex 79 USA US issue with diff. Version and B-Side, both sides are great pop music 15,00
SQUEEZE I've returned/When the hangover strikes A & M ex-/ex 82 NL Dutch only single in great PS 15,00
SQUEEZE Pulling mussels/What the butler saw A & M m-/m- 80 IT Italian issue in unique PS 15,00
SQUEEZE Pulling mussels/What the butler saw A&M ex/ex 80 NL Very rare Dutch copy in unique sleeve, both sides are great melodic pop 10,00
SQUEEZE Tempted/Yap Yap Yap A & M ex/ex 81 AUS Superrare Australian issue in PS 15,00
SQUIRE The place I used to live +2 Detour m/m 94 UK Three wonderful unreleased tracks 4,00
STARJETS Shiraleo/Standby 19 Epic ex-/ex 80 UK UK powerpop classic 10,00
STENCH Four before EP Flatline m-/m- 91 USA Straight Edge Hardcore 12,00
STENCH Zigame waw spea me vt EP Genius/Raunch ex/ex 87 USA Straight Edge Hardcore 15,00
STIFF ALL-STARS Maybe tonight/It'll be me Chiswick ex/ex 80 UK Very good powerpop 8,00
STIFF ALL-STARS You tell me lies/Voodoo Nancy Boys ex-/ex- 81 UK Rare second single, signed by two members 12,00
STIV BATORS Disconnected Bomp ex/ex 80 USA Brilliant powerpop from Mr. Dead Boy, original pressing on Bomp! 20,00
STYLE COUNCIL A solid bond in your heart EP Polydor ex/ex 83 UK
STYLE COUNCIL Boy who cried wolf/Call me Polydor -/ex 85 AUS Aussie pressing in company sleeve 4,00
STYLE COUNCIL Long hot summer/Le départ Polydor ex/ex 83 D German press 3,00
STYLE COUNCIL Our favourite shop Polydor vg+/ex 85 UK Fold-out PS 2,00
STYLE COUNCIL Shout to the top/Ghosts of Dachau Polydor ex/ex 84 D German press 3,00
STYLE COUNCIL Speak like a child/Party chambers Polydor ex/ex 83 D German press 3,00
SVT Extended play EP 12" 415 ex/ex 80 USA Powerpop/Wave 5,00
TEENBEATS I can't control myself/I'll never win Gamma -/ex 79 CAN Ultrarare Canadian pressing of UK mod revival classic, never in PS 12,00
TEENBEATS Strength of the nation/If I'm gone tomor Safari ex/ex 80 UK UK Mod Revival killer, both sides are fantastic punk powerpop borderliners! 18,00
TELEPHONE Crache ton venin EMI/Pathe vg+/ex 79 F 2nd LP,incl. 2 great French punk tracks,great PS,woc 10,00
TENPOLE TUDOR Let the four winds blow Stiff vg+/ex 81 UK Incl. melody-track "Throwing my baby out" 4,00
THIS HAPPY BREED How about this EP Little Teddy m-/m- 94 D Great 60's pop with Direct Hits mastermind Colin Swan 8,00
TOMMY KEENE Places that are gone 12" EP Dolphin ex/ex 84 JAP Japanese issue of US powerpop hit, OBI included 15,00
TOTEN HOSEN Hier kommt Alex EP Amiga ex/ex
GDR Original East German pressing, unique colllectors item 18,00
TOURS Tourist information/You know Virgin ex/ex 81 UK Brilliant second single 15,00
TV 21 Snakes & Ladders EP Decca vg/ex 81 UK Double 7", incl. tracks from their great 1st 5,00
TV PERSONALITIES/BARTLEBEES The Happening: Jennifer, Julie & Josephine/Why don't you smile Little Teddy m-/m- 95 D German only release, clear vinyl copy limited to only 200 copies, incl. Postcard with Dan Treacy photo 10,00
TWEED Fashion EP Smap ex/ex 79 F One of the best European Mod singles 20,00
UHF Jorge Morreu EP Metro Som m-/m- 79 POR Rare portuguese punk, "Cascada" is on KBD #40, unique condition 25,00
UPS & DOWNS In the shadows EP What Goes On ex/ex 86 UK Mid-80's mod pop 3,00
V.A. A tribute to Daniel Johnston EP Little Teddy m/m 94 D Half Jap.,Maylove +2 0,00
V.A. Bloodstains across Belgium Atomium m/m 97
Kids, PIGZ, Definitivos, Onion Dolls, Mad Virgins, Spermicide 5,00
V.A. Bloodstains across the UK #3
m-/m- 98 IT Brilliant UK punk:Negatives, Future Bodies, Mental, Henry Essence,Tinopeners,Media + more 20,00
V.A. Break the Rules #8 CD Insekten m/m 97 D Xpress, Xtraverts, Xterminators, Haerverk, TV War 8,00
V.A. Cumstains across my record collection
m/m 97
Bleach Boys, Terrorways, Enemy, Sado-Nation, Media 5,00
V.A. Do they mean us Compact vg+/ex 84 UK Do-LP incl. Poster: Paul Bevoir, Virna Lindt, Mari Wilson 10,00
V.A. Heartwork live Klubb 2000 Heartwork m/m 81 SWE Extremely rare comp: City Kent, Stry & Stripparna, TT Reuter 12,00
V.A. Killed by Death #12 Redrum m-/m- 96 USA Injections, Rejects, Meaty Buys, Stains, Cardiac Kidz, Lubricants +more 15,00
V.A. Killed by Death #24
m-/m- 99 BEL Gizmos, Cinecyde, Trash, Shrapnel, Subway, Non Compos Mentis + more 15,00
V.A. Killed by Death #3 Redrum m-/m-
USA 2nd issue: Lewd, Defnics, Eat, Plugz, Sods, Violators, NY Niggers etc. 15,00
V.A. Killed by Death #8½ Redrum m-/m- 94 USA Toxin III, Seizure, Reactors, Haskels, Shitdogs, Insults + more 15,00
V.A. Killed by Death #9 Redrum ex/ex 95 USA Legendary US punk comp.:Tapeworm, Corpsickles, Vains, Shirkers,Nothing,Accident,Jetsons,Sado Nation + more 15,00
V.A. Killed by Epitaph
m-/m- 97 USA Dutch punk, double LP:Ivy Green,BVD,Nixe,Speedtwins,Tits,Subway,Mort Subite,Brommers + more 15,00
V.A. Made in Switzerland Loud Proud m/m 1 D Great new comp.: NDT, Crash Course, Debils, Bellevue 9,00
V.A. Mods Mayday Bridgehouse ex/ex 79 UK Original pressing of the most legendary Mod Revival comp., live tracksd from: Secret Affair, Squire, Small Hours, Mods, Beggar 25,00
V.A. Quadrophenia Polydor ex/ex 79 D The soundtrack, double-album 8,00
V.A. Son of Stiff Tour 1980 Stiff ex/ex 80 UK Stiff compilation: Any Trouble, Dirty Looks, Tenpole Tudors +more 10,00
V.A. Stirred not shaken! SNS m-/ex 84 NL Dutch comp w/Ivy Green,Blue Murder, w/ins.+photos 10,00
V.A. Swiss wave album 2 Astan ex/ex 83 D German pressing of Swiss punk/wave comp.:TNT, Ladyshave, Grauzone etc. 15,00
V.A. The first cuts are the deepest EP WOW m-/m- 87 USA US-punk w/Herectics, Bugs, Classified Protest + 3 more, booklet PS 4,00
V.A. The great british beat EP Vol. 2 Little Teddy m-/m- 95 D Great collection with exclusive Direct Hits track from 1984 3,00
V.A. The secret life of punks Secret ex/ex 82 UK Business, Exploited, 4 Skins, Blitz, Partisans 15,00
V.A. The spy with the platinum heart Disques Noir ex/ex 87 F Soundtrack 3,00
V.A. Unquestionably late for the trend EP EV m/m 96 USA Dot Vaeth, Vomit Pigs, Skuds, Superman's girlfriend 3,00
V.A. Va sa du nu EP KUK ex/ex 92 SWE De Lyckliga Kompisarna is fantastic melody riffpunk,folder PS 8,00
V.A. We love you EP Diesel m-/ex 93 FIN Usher Boys, Dolphins, Teenage Kicks, Kickström, new Finland punk 2,00
VALVES Robot love/For Adolfs only Zoom vg+/vg+ 77 UK Punk artefact, on Bloodstains across UK 10,00
VAPORS Jimmie Jones/Daylight titans Liberty -/ex 81 UK Great powerpop 4,00
VAPORS Jimmie Jones/Daylight titans EMI -/ex 81 AUS Australian pressing in orig. company PS 12,00
VAPORS Magnets Liberty ex/ex 81 SP Rare spanish pressing with title written in spanish 10,00
VAPORS New clear days EMI ex-/ex 80 AUS One of the best powerpop albums ever, Australian pressing 12,00
VAPORS New clear days Liberty ex/ex 80 JAP Rare Japanese issue, no OBI 10,00
VAPORS Prisoners/Sunstroke United Artists ex/ex 79 POR Very rare portugues pressing in slightly diff. PS, powerpop killers! 12,00
VAPORS Spiders/Galleries for guns Liberty -/ex 81 AUS Rare Australian pressing, brilliant B-Side 15,00
VAPORS Turning japanese/Here come the judge United Artists ex/ex 80 PER Rare Peru pressing in orig. company sleeve IEMPSA 20,00
VAPORS Turning japanese/Here come the judge United Artists -/ex 80 USA Orginal US stock copy, never in PS 8,00
VAPORS Turning japanese/Here come the judge Jugoton ex/ex 80 YUG Rare Yugoslavian press in great condition 10,00
VAPORS Waiting for the weekend/Billy UA -/ex 80 AUS Australian pressing in orig. company PS 12,00
VAPORS Waiting for the weekend/Billy Liberty ex-/ex 80 SP Spanish promotion copy, has diff. back to UK pressing 15,00
VAPORS Waiting for the weekend/Billy United Artists ex/ex 80 NL Very rare Dutch pressing in red PS 15,00
VERMILLION Angry young women/Wild boys Illegal ex/ex 78 UK Excellent female singing rock punk with great guitar 15,00
VIBRATORS Gimme some lovin/Power cry Rat Race ex/ex 80 UK The hard to find UK 7" 9,00
VIBRATORS London girls (live)/Stiff little fingers CBS/Epic ex-/ex- 77 UK UK pressing in German sleeve, small woc 6,00
VICTIMS OF PLEASURE Slave to fashion/On the game Rialto ex/ex 81 UK Brilliant UK wave with great melody 10,00
VICTIMS OF PLEASURE When you're young/Heroes & heroines Rialto ex/ex 82 UK Excellent UK synthie melody pop, great PS 10,00
VIP'S Causing complications EP GEM ex-/ex 80 F Very rare French pressing, diff. back PS and label, little newspaper clipping included 15,00
WASTED YOUTH I'll remember you/My friends are dead Bridge House ex/ex 80 UK Wave from the UK 6,00
WAYNE COUNTY & THE ELECTRIC CHAIRS Trying to get on the radio/Evil minded momma Safari ex-/ex- 78 UK Incl. extra photos to compare Blondie & Wayne 6,00
WIRTSCHAFTSWUNDER E' succeso in Kabul/Tscherwonez Polydor ex-/ex 82 D German DIY eperimental stuff 12,00
XTC Life begins at the hop/Homo safari Virgin m-/m- 79 UK Original on clear vinyl, in plastic bag 8,00
YACHTS Suffice to say/Freedom Stiff ex/ex 77 BEL Rare UK powerpop, belgian issue on yellow vinyl, unique sleeve 6,00
YACHTS Suffice to say/Freedom Stiff ex/ex 77 D UK powerpop in unique german sleeve 6,00
YACHTS Suffice to say/Freedom Stiff m/m 77 BEL Belgium only on yellow vinyl, good powerpop 8,00
YOBS On forty five EP Fresh ex/ex 81 UK Boys in disguise, xmas medley 10,00